The multifaceted world of Dante Alighieri

On April 12, our University hosted the All-Russian conference with international participation "The Multifaceted World of Dante Alighieri". Humanities experts met to discuss the contribution of this great poet and thinker to the formation of world culture and philosophical thought.

Francesco Forte, Consul General of Italy in Russia

One of the guests of the event was Francesco Forte, Consul General of Italy in Russia. He gave a talk "Reductio omnium ad unum in Dante's comedy and the shadow of Parmenides". Another conference participant, Livio Zerbini, professor of Roman history and director of the Center for Contemporary Technologies at the University of Ferrara (Italy), spoke about the connection between Dante's poetry and the history of the Roman Empire. Another important topic was raised by Giuseppe Lo Porto, head of the education department of the Consulate General of Italy in Russia. He appreciated the poet's contribution to the formation of the national Italian language.

The audience was also interested in the speeche of the Mettini Emiliano, head of the Department of Humanities of the International Faculty of our University, devoted report to the esotericism of Dante Alighieri, considering the "Divine Comedy" as a path to enlightenment. And Loreti Angelo, a teacher of this department, spoke with the topic "Striving for God and for oneself as the highest good in Dante."