Our Scientists developed an intra-abdominal ruler for measuring hernial defect

To facilitate the operation, the scientists of the Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University, developed an intra-abdominal ruler.Alexander Sazhin,  Director of the Research Institute of Clinical Surgery, told how the device will help improve the process of operations.

The difficulty of operating hernias in the abdominal cavity is not only to remove them. It is important to accurately measure, cut out and install a mesh prosthesis on the hernia ring of exactly the size that a particular patient needs. If it is larger than necessary, the patient will at least experience discomfort. If it is less, a hernia recurrence or mesh displacement is possible.

Russian surgeons often are forced to resort to artisanal methods for measuring of hernia sizes. Now a special ruler will be inserted into the abdominal cavity through the trocar using a laparoscopic instrument.

Analogues of the device are already used in medical practice abroad. In Russia, there were no such developments until that moment.