Student Support

We have a network of support in place to help you adjust to student life. Here’s a quick guide to some of services that can help you throughout your time at Pirogov Medical University.

Dean Office of the International Medical School

The Dean of the International Medical School and Dean Office Staff help you if you’re experiencing difficulties with your studies and helpto solf any problems with adapting in the University.

If you have a disability or specific learning difficulties, staff of the Dean Office provides tailored support and can put in place individual reasonable adjustments to ensure you can successfully complete your education.

Tutor Center

Tutors are people who will be your personal helpers during the first year of study in our University! Every student group of the first course is connected with two tutors who tell freshmen about studying, living, entertainment and whatever anyone ask to let him feel comfortable in new environment. Also tutors provide connection link between you and administration.

Tutors will make your adaptation less stressful and much more pleasant.

Student Council

The team of Student Council provides advice and support, and can signpost you towards specialist teams on both academic and non-academic matters.

Residential Life Team

Active members of the University dorminatory support you to adjust to living away from home among new people, help to organize free time and even teach cooking so you can eat well away from home.

Health Care

International students must get medical insurance in order to receive medical care in Russia. They can purchase it from any Russian insurer. The cost of insurance for the year does not exceed 150 Euro.

Students can enter into an agreement with the city polyclinic number 203 (18, Bakulev St., Moscow) for medical care during their studies. Paperwork is carried out daily from 8 to 20 hours on weekdays. To draw up a contract you will need a passport and a policy of compulsory medical insurance. Students can undergo a mandatory annual medical examination at the polyclinic.

Diagnostic Medical Center №1, located at ul. Miklouho-Maclay 29 bldg. 2, provides round-the-clock emergency medical care for students living in University dormitory.

Emergency phone number: + 7-495-330-80-65 (around the clock).

Students can get dental care in the clinic of the dental school, both as part of insurance and for a fee.


University Security Team provides a 24-hour service to ensure a safe and secure environment for staff and students. They can provide general assistance as well as an emergency response.

Request for certificates


The period of execution of the certificate is 5 working days not counting the day of application. The finished document can be obtained by the student personally against his signature in the presence of his student card or his certificate of grades or by his legal representative with the notarial power of attorney.

Please note that the certificate is valid for 6 month during the semester and the session.

The finished certificates can be obtained in the Dean Office of the International Medical School. The information about the current status of the certificate can be obtained by phone of the Dean Office: +7 (495) 434-47-76.