Please note – the documents will be accepted by the Attestation Commission ONLINE ONLY.

Monday – Friday from 10:00 to 16:00.

Acceptance of documents for transfer
From 24 June to 5 July 2024
Competitive selection in case there are more vacancies submitted for transfer (the list of tested subjects is presented on the University’s website in Regulations on the transfer of students)
From 10 July to 12 July 2024
Review by the Attestation Commission of applicants' personnel files
From 15 July to 19 July 2024
Issuing certificates of transfer
From 22 July to 26 July 2024
Acceptance of documents of students recommended by the Attestation Commission for admission to the University, conclusion of contracts, payment of tuition fees, preparation of admission orders
No later than 21 August 2024
Documents for transfer from another educational organization to Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University for foreign citizens

To submit a set of documents for transfer, it is necessary to provide color scanned copies of the originals of all the documents listed below in PDF format:

  1. Application for transfer (FORMED AUTOMATICALLY, should be printed and signed).
  2. Passport / other identity document (all filled in pages).
  3. Certificate of period of study with the stamped seal of the educational organization. The certificate should contain the following information:
    • the level of education to which the student entered to master the relevant educational program;
    • the year of admission to the educational organization;
    • form of education;
    • the name of the educational program on which the student is studying;
    • the list and volume (in credits/hours) of disciplines studied, practical training, coursework, research, etc..;
    • assessments made on the results of interim certification:
      - in the form of credit the student is given an undifferentiated assessment: "passed".
      - in the form of an examination or defense of a course work - a differentiated assessment is given: "excellent", "good", "satisfactory".
      If the outgoing educational organization has adopted other evaluation systems, it is necessary to submit a document of conformity of the adopted evaluation system to the traditional one, certified by the seal of the educational organization
  4. Extract from the order of admission to the first year of study.
  5. Reference (information letter) of the educational organization with indication of:
    • form of education;
    • the basis of education (budgetary/ target/ tuition fee);
    • the presence or absence of the student's academic debt at the end of training;
    • is studying/is not studying/is on academic leave;
    • study on a scholarship from the Government of the Russian Federation (for foreign citizens)
  6. Extract from the order of transfer from the contractual basis of education to the budgetary one (in case of transfer from the contractual basis of education to the budgetary one).
  7. Migration card (both sides of the document).
  8. Temporary registration (both sides of the document).
  9. VHI policy and medical certificates (medical examination, fluorogram, HIV, Hepatitis C and B tests).
  10. Document confirming the dactyloscopy procedure.
  11. Document on previous education (secondary education certificate, bachelor's/master's diploma, diploma of higher education with an appendix).
  12. Certificate of recognition of education document (if necessary).
  13. A copy of the current license of the educational organization for the right to conduct educational activities with attachments, certified by the educational organization.
  14. Copy of the current certificate of state accreditation of the educational organization with attachments, certified by the educational organization.
  15. Documents confirming the preferential right to transfer the student to the University (if any).
  16. Documents confirming the individual educational achievements of the student (if any).
  17. Documents confirming the motivation for transfer (if available)
  18. Agreement on targeted training (if available).
  19. Consent of the customer of targeted training for transfer (if available).