Admission Requirements

In order to apply to the program, a secondary school diploma or equivalent is required.

Entrance Examinations:

History, Social studies, Russian language

Program Description

Social work is one of the most popular professions in the world. Today there is an acute shortage of qualified graduates in this field.

As a part of the bachelor's educational program "Social work" with profiles of training "Psychosocial work", "Medical and social work" and "Social work in the health care system" is preparing students for the following types of professional activities:

  • social and technological;
  • organizational and managerial;
  • research;
  • social project.

The main feature in the training of students in the direction of "Social Work" in the Pirogov Medical University is a professional orientation to health care and practical training.

Graduates who have completed the undergraduate program in Social Work and hastily passed the final examination, are awarded the qualification "Bachelor" in training direction.

Career Prospects

Graduates who have mastered the undergraduate program “Social Work” can work in the field of social protection of the population, social services, personnel management, education, health and culture, medical and social expertise, the penitentiary system and the system of organizations regulating employment situations, enterprises and firms of various activities and forms of ownership, non-profit organizations. bachelor graduates can continue their education in a master's degree in a suitable profile, for example they can apply to the master degree program “Management of Social Processes and Projects” at our University.