Admission Requirements

In order to apply to the program, a secondary school diploma or equivalent is required.

Entrance Examinations:

Chemistry, Biology, Russian language

Program Description

We are the leading university for the training of pediatricians. It was here that the world's first pediatric faculty was established and it was here that a modern model of training future doctors focused on working with children and adolescents was formed.

Training program of higher education "Pediatrics" is characterized in that, along with study of general issues of medicine, students gain knowledge about the peculiarities of physiological and pathological processes, manifestations of the disease and treatment tactics depending on the age and sexual characteristics of children. Particular attention is paid to the disease prevention and the education of a healthy child. In addition, future doctors of course study humanities and natural sciences.

A graduate who has mastered this educational program and successfully passed the state final examination, is awarded the qualification of "Pediatrician of General Practice" in the specialty 31.05.02 "Pediatrics".

To obtain the right to engage in medical activities, the graduate must undergo the procedure of primary accreditation. He/she can continue training in clinical residency programs for medical specialization.

Career Prospects

Young specialists with a diploma in Pediatrics are usually employed by pediatric departments and are engaged in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases in children and adolescents. The pediatrician can work in public children's clinics and hospitals, private clinics and centers, as well as find a job as a family pediatrician, watching the children of the same family. Also pediatricians can work in the general medicine field.

Graduates can also engage in scientific activities, enter graduate school, become PhD, and teaching at the medical university.