Admission Requirements

In order to apply to the program, a secondary school diploma or equivalent is required.

Entrance Examinations:

Biology, Math, Russian language

Program Description

Clinical psychology is a branch of psychology that studies the relationship of mental manifestations and diseases, disorders and recovery of mental health in diseases and developmental anomalies.

The main feature in the training of students in the specialty "Clinical Psychology" in Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University is a professional orientation to the practical health care. The field of the professional activity of graduates of the specialty "Clinical Psychology" and includes the research and practical activities aimed at solving complex problems of psychological diagnosis, examination and psychological assistance to citizens, the development of methods of psychological correction, and psychological rehabilitation.

A graduate, who has mastered this educational program and successfully passed the state final certification, is awarded the qualification of "Clinical Psychologist" in the specialty 37.05.01 "Clinical Psychology".


Career Prospects

Specialists in the field of clinical psychology are expected in organizations of health care, education and social assistance to the population, public and economic organizations, administrative and law enforcement agencies, research and consulting organizations, as well as in the field of private practice. University graduates can continue their education in graduate school.