Admission Requirements

In order to apply to the program, a secondary school diploma or equivalent is required.

Entrance Examinations:

Chemistry, Biology, Russian language

Program Description

Specialty "Dentistry” is one of the most popular among other medical professions. The program of specialist degree provides an advanced study of special subjects such as diseases of the oral mucosa, clinical dentistry, pediatric dentistry, reconstructive surgery of the mouth, etc. Students also study the natural sciences, medical-biological and humanitarian disciplines.

The graduate will have a broad erudition, which will allow him to freely navigate in modern medical technologies and methods of diagnosis, and to master the techniques of practical skill that meet the requirements of today at a high level. In the second year students acquire basic knowledge and skills in specially equipped phantom classes, where conditions of real dental reception are simulated. Our classrooms are equipped with modern workplaces for each student – a phantom table, a simulator of the patient's head, tools and supplies.

At the senior courses, students take care of the real patients under the guidance of teachers from the specialized departments, using modern equipment and materials in the clinics of the Department of healthcare of Moscow. Students have the opportunity to attend master classes in the international dental exhibitions to study the experience of the international dental community in the field of medical education and the achievements of modern science and technology.

A graduate, who has mastered the educational program in the specialty 31.05.03 "Dentistry" and successfully passed the state final certification, is awarded the qualification of "General Practitioner Dentist".

Career Prospects

Today, dentists are highly sought in many public and private clinics. After specialization in residency, graduates can work as dental therapists, dental hygienists, dental orthopedists, dental surgeons. Graduates of the specialty degree can also engage in scientific activities, enter graduate school, become PhD, or teaching at the medical university.