Partnership agreement between University Innovative Company "Exoplast" and Shvabe holding

November 18 at the Medica exhibition in Dusseldorf (Germany) a innovative enterprise of the University "Exoplast" and the holding "Schwabe" of the State Corporation Rostec signed an Agreement on cooperation in Western Europe.

Exoplast is the developer of the first technology in Russia for the rehabilitation of post-stroke, post-traumatic patients and patients with cerebral palsy utilizing an exoskeleton of the hand controlled by the brain-computer interface. The complex interprets the incoming signals of the patient's brain and converts them into mechanical actions, thereby restoring the lost connection with the muscles. A distinctive feature of the domestic technology was that it helps patients who have suffered severe strokes, with a complete loss of mobility of the hands. The complex has already been tested in a number of medical institutions of the country, both in Moscow and abroad.

The agreement between Exoplast and Schwabe at Medica-2019 was another round of development of Rostec partnership agreements with the University, concluded a year earlier. Under the terms of the agreement, the Schwabe holding will distribute medical equipment in Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, Ireland and Northern Ireland, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, the Netherlands, France and Switzerland.