Fair of the Adyghe community

On November 29, a fair of the Adyghe community was held at our University. This is one of the most numerous associations of our University, so even on a Friday evening at the event it was extremely lively. The guests examined the thematic composition with curiosity.

dedicated to the history and life of Adygea and listened to the story of the customs of this people. Dancing and music complemented the hystory, creating a holistic sensation of the Adygea culture.

The event was attended by the elder of the Adyghe community of Moscow, doctor of economic sciences Yuri Agirbov. He explained that today's fair is timed to the creation of the Adyghe Medical Association in Moscow, and thanked the leadership of the University, as well as the Adyghe community for the opportunity to meet at the famous medical university on such an important occasion.

That evening many words were said about the love of the motherland. Yuri Agirbov expressed his thought this way: “Each person has two homelands - small and large. And if he is not able to love his small homeland with piercing love, then he is not capable to love the big Motherland. ”

After the solemn part of the guests, they were waiting for tasting dishes of national cuisine, dancing and socializing.