December 19, 2019. Lecture by Professor Sebastian Kotofan

The lecture by the Sebastian Kotofan, professor of the Clinical Medical and Scientific College of Mayo (USA), on the topic "Recent Modern Discoveries about the Anatomy of the Face" was held in auditorium A1 of our University. The lecture was attended by teachers, graduate students and students of the University, practicing doctors and guests from other universities. Professor Kotofan told about recents results on face structure studies, facial muscle movements, and age-related changes. He used a large amount of visual material during the report, and also diluted scientific information with interesting stories from personal practice and jokes. So, the meeting turned out to be very rich, informative and took place in a relaxed atmosphere.

We thank Professor Kotofan for visiting our University. Foreign professors and scientists regularly give informative lectures for everyone in the RNIMU them. N.I. Pirogov. Find out information about future meetings on our official resources.