GM05E Biochemistry

Course Description

General Information

Program “General Medicine (Eng)”. Year 2. Semester 3 (Fall). Hours/credits: 108/3. Final Control: Credit.

Program “General Medicine (Eng)”. Year 2. Semester 4 (Spring). Hours/credits: 144/4. Final Control: Exam.


The course is aimed to the formation of systemic knowledge about the basic laws of metabolic processes, which determine the state of health and human adaptation, at the molecular, cellular and organ levels and to the acquisition of skills to interpret the results of biochemical studies in solving clinical problems. The course includes the following topics: “Proteins and enzymes”, “Biological membranes and biological oxidation”, “Carbohydrate metabolism”, “Lipid metabolism”, “Protein and nucleic acid metabolism”, “Hormones”, “Liver and blood biochemistry”, "Biochemistry of tissues."


Typically Offered

Main building. st. Ostrovityanova 1, 2nd floor, practical classes # 2118-2148, lecture rooms # 2, 3.

Course Materials

Textbooks and Tutorials

  • Medical Biochemistry: a textbook / V.V. Davydov, T.P. Vavilova, A.V.Shestopalov [et al.]. Saint-Peterburg : Eco-Vector, 2018. Availability: University Library
  • Principles of Medical Biochemistry: Tutorial on biochemistry for foreign students of medical department of higher education institutions / V.V. Davydov, E.R. Grabovetskaya ; Ryazan State Med. Univ. Saint Petersburg: Eco-Vector, 2016. 548 p.  Availability: University Library
  • Principles of Medical Biochemistry / G. Meisenberg, W. H. Simmons. 4th ed. Philadelphia (PA) : Elsevier, 2017.  617 p. (Study smart with Student Consult). Availability: University Library Reading Room
  • Essentials of Medical Biochemistry: With Clinical Cases / N. V. Bhagavan, Chung-Eun Ha. 2nd ed. Amsterdam etc.: Elsevier, 2015. Availability: University Library Reading Room

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