GM28E Hygiene

Course Description

General Information

Program “General Medicine (Eng)”. Year 2. Semester 4 (Spring). Hours/credits: 108/3. Final Control: Credit.

Program “General Medicine (Eng)”. Year 3. Semester 5 (Fall). Hours/credits: 144/4. Final Control: Exam.

Course Materials

This course aims to familiarize students to Community Hygiene, Food Hygiene, Child and Adolescent Hygiene, and Occupational Health. Course components are lectures and practical classes.

Textbooks and Tutorials

  • Short Textbook of Hygiene and Ecology: for students using English as a mediator language / Y. P. Pivovarof, A. A. Al-Sabounchi; RNRMU, Dep. Of hygiene. 5th ed. [Moscow] : IKAR, 2015. 546 p.  Availability: University Library, 101 pieces
  • Risk Factors and Population's Environmental Health: short textbook / A. A. Al Sabounchi, Az. A. Al Sabounchi; Rus Nat. Research Med. Univ. named N. I. Pirogov, Dep. of hygiene. Moscow. 2017. 454 p. Availability: University Library, 14 pieces
  • Public Medicine and Ecology (in the Arabic language) / A. A. Al-Sabounchi, О. Y. Milushkina, Az. A. Al Sabounchi. Availability: University Library, 14 pieces
  • Environmental factors and population's health  (in the Arabic language) / A. A. Al Sabounchi, Az. A. Al Sabounchi. Availability: University Library, 14 pieces

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