Academic Chair of Hygiene

Faculty of Pediatrics

Since the organization of a Medical School at the Moscow Higher Women's Courses in 1906, the teaching of hygiene began. In 1908 the first Academic Chair of Hygiene of Medicical School was formed by Professor Maxim B. KOTSYN - one of the closest students of F.F. Erisman. Professor M.B. Kotsyn is known for his research in various areas of hygiene, in particular, the established relationship between the chemical composition of water and its bacterial contamination is of particular importance. The creation of the department was pursued by the main goal — introduction of preventive medicine course into the teaching. In addition to teaching activities, the staff of the department conducted scientific work on the basis of the laboratories of the city sanitary station and other institutions. 
In 1930, at the 2nd Moscow Medical Institute  the first in the world department of maternity, infancy and childhood protection was opened. The organizers of this faculty have set the task of the doctors to raise a healthy child. In this regard, classes on the hygiene of children and adolescents appeared in the program of teaching hygiene. Since 1939, the course of general hygiene began to enchanced by new sections: military hygiene, occupational health and general epidemiology.

Currently, the department is involved to education of students of different specialties (General Medicine, Pediatrics, Biomedical Specialties, Pharmacy, and Dentistry). In total, about 2,000 students study for 2 semesters. The introduction of federal state educational standards of higher education in medicine led to the introduction of a point-rating system at the Chair. Currently, fully formed modular classes with students. With the introduction of the BRS, the staff of the department carried out a lot of work on the development of test questions for each lesson, as well as for modular and final (examination) control.

For international students mastering the program "General Medicine", Academic Chair of Hygiene conducts course "Hygiene" (Spring semester of the 2nd course, and Fall semester of the 3rd course).