Faculty Information

Mettini Emiliano graduated of Faculty of Philosophy of Pisa State University (Italy). From 2018 degree – seeker of Institute for strategy of education development of the Russian Academy of Education.  Author of more than 60 scientific papers concerning philosophical and educational questions in specialized publications, all-Russian and foreign journals  and in foreign languages (English, Ukrainian, Russian, Italian).

Area of expertise: axiology, ethics, pedagogics, history of pedagogics and education, philosophy of science.

Main works:

  • Multilateralism of personality in A. Makarenko’s educational system;
  • Socialization of students in the framework of modern educational system;
  • Face of God, human face and Personality in N.A. Berdyaev’s philosophy;
  • Category of what that can be “taught” and what can be “transmitted” in teaching process;
  • Ethically oriented education;  
  • «On the question of teaching humanities to Russian students, using English language as language of instruction (from experience of International Medical School);
  • Spiritual and moral basis of A.S. Makarenko’s educational system. To the 130th  anniversary of A.S. Makarenko (1888-1939);
  • On the question of axiological elements in medicine: attempt of sociological essay; 
  • Health and human capital: to the question of social well-being of the population;
  • Sobornost , community and collectivism as read thread of Russian mentality;
  • Philosophical basis of educational method of Anton Semenovitch Makarenko;
  • Ethos and ethics in A.S. Makarenko’s works: attempt of axiological essay;
  • Axiological approach to development of students’ personality;
  • Discursive paradigm in the frameworks of pedagogical anthropology;  
  •  Ethics of management in A.S. Makarenko’s works: path to effective socialization;
  • Contextual – holistic approach of A.S. Makarenko in education;
  • Value orientation in philosophy of education;
  • Collective personality in A.S. Makarenko’s works;
  • Axiology and acmeology in A.S. Makarenko’s pedagogical theory: new approaches to ethical education of rising generation;
  • Natural right as basis of social society: historical-philosophical overview; 
  • Makarenko and Western European scientific thought;
  • Examining A.S. Makarenko’s works in Italy

Publication in foreign journals and books:  

  • Afterword to book “Makarenko today”.
  • Preface to “Road to life” in Italian
  • Social mandate in the 20ties of the previous century: experience of A.S. Makarenko in his fight against the homeless children.
  • Anthropological philosophy in the A.S. Makarenko’s works: answer to the question concerning formation of personality. Historiographical studies about Anton Semenovitch Makarenko.
  • Artistic education of personality: challenge to the law of necessity.
  • Development of higher education: from the performer to the creator.
  • Review of a book called: Sub specie educationis.
  • Studi e ricerche su istruzione, istitituzioni scolastiche e processi culturali e formativi nell’Italia contemporanea by Professor Sani (in English).
  • Review of a book called "Citizens and patriots" by Dorena Caroli (in English).
  • Translation of V.V. Morozov’s paper "The Pedagogical Museum «A.S. Makarenko» (Moscow): a look at the history, trying to understand the present and prognosticating the future" (translation from English into Russian).
  • Axiology as multidisciplinary approach of philosophy of education

Currently teaching:

  • Foreign language (1st course, General Medicine)

  • Philosophy (1st course, General Medicine)

  • Philosophy (1st course, General Medicine, international students)

  • Philosophy (3rd course, Bachelor Program "Biology")