Readmission procedure

Students who have been withdrawn from the University, or their legal representatives should apply for readmission.

Students planning to be readmitted to the University are required to submit Application adressed to the University rector.

The readmission to the University is going in accordance with the Federal Law of the Russian Federation No. 273-FZ "On Education in the Russian Federation", the University Statutes and established University administrative policy.

Requests for readmission are reviewed twice a year during the summer and winter holidays. The application and accompanying documents are submitted to the dean of the relevant faculty.

Documents for readmission request

In the readmission request you must indicate:

  • The purpose of readmission to the university (for training / for passing the State final examination) with an indication of the educational program, faculty, year of study, forms and fundamentals of education;
  • Information about training before the expulsion of a person from the university;
  • The reason for the student expulsion.

The request should be accompanied by:

  • A copy of the passport.
  • The original and a copy of documents on the previous education or a period of study (an academic certificate).
    Alternatively, applicant may state that he/she did not requested the documents listed above and they are stored at the University.

Deadlines to apply for readmission

to continue learning:

  • from May 10 to June 15 - in order to resume university studies in the fall semester of the next academic year;
  • from December 10 to January 15 - in order to resume university tuition in the spring semester of the next academic year.

for passing the State final examination:

  • from May 10 to June 1 - for the State final examination after the spring semester of the school year;
  • from December 1 to December 20 - for the State final examination after the fall semester of the school year.

Readmission procedure

  • The readmission procedure is free of charge.
  • The decision on readmission is made by the Commission, the composition of which is approved by the Rector of the University. The decision of the Commission is issued by order of the rector within 10 calendar days after the date of the decision, but no later than 5 calendar days after the start of the next academic semester. With a positive decision on readmission, the student must resume training from the date of the commencement of the corresponding academic semester.
  • Students who have been reinstated to study under a tuition payment agreement must sign an agreement on the provision of paid educational services and provide payment documents confirming tuition payment before the publication of the readmission order. In the case of readmission of a person who had previously studied at the university under a tuition payment agreement, he/she concludes a new learning agreement on new conditions.
  • The Commission may recommend the readmission of a student in another course or in another educational program with in another form of study (full-time, part-time). In these cases, the publication of a readmission order is made only with the written consent of the person requesting readmission to change the specified learning parameters by writing a personal statement.
  • Readmission for continuing education in the presence of differences in the program is made only after the written consent of the applicant for training on an individual plan to eliminate academic differences.
  • Persons who have been reinstated at the University for training must submit a health certificate of the established sample to the dean's office by the beginning of a new academic semester.