Academic mobility and exchange programmes

How to get involved

To participate in academic exchange programs, we invite residents and graduate students of 1 and 2 years of study who know a foreign language (English or the language of the host institution at a level sufficient for training and communication in everyday life). For some exchange programs (CIS), knowledge of a foreign language is not required.

Students can apply documents for participation in the competitive selection for academic exchange programs with partner universities from October 15 to May 01 annually to the Group of Academic Mobility (1, Ostrovityanova St., 4th floor, room 416, tel. +7-495-434 -30-74, e-mail:

Application documents

If you want to apply you need to provide next documents:

  • Application form for participation in the exchange program indicating, in priority order, three universities where you would like to take practical training
  • Motivation letter in English (for certain programs - in Russian), in which it is necessary to indicate: justification of the reasons for choosing this particular university / program; goals, objectives, expected results (educational, professional, social); substantiation of the advantages of their candidacy for participation in the international exchange program
  • Сopy of the general passport (first page and registration, if applicable)
  • Copy of the external passport (first page)
  • Photo 3x4 cm, pasted in the application form
  • Consent to process personal data
  • Consent for the cross-border transfer of student personal data
  • Application addressed to the rector
  • Administrative note from the head of the department
  • Medical insurance for the entire duration of the internship
  • Vaccination certificate
Actions after winning a contest selection

Upon successful completion of the competitive selection and receiving an invitation from a foreign partner university, the student independently collects and submits to the consulate a package of documents for obtaining a visa.

Reporting documentation

One month after arriving at a partner university, students must send a study report to the group of academic mobility of an international teacher at

Not later than within 30 days after trip, the students - members of program must provide a report on the passage of internship to the group of academic mobility of the international faculty.